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White Tea

White Peony


White Tea is light fermented tea, which is generally young or minimally processed tea leaves.



The farmer will harvest the most delicate and emerald tea leaves during Spring, and after several steps of processing, White Tea leaves will be ready. 



Did you know, White Tea also can be made into tea cakes as one of the methods to store tea?



Tea-lovers only need to use a tea knife or needle to knife out tea leaves, you can first start at the fluffy place of the tea leaves.



Then, scratch the quantity you need gently. Finally, remember to seal the tea cake by using the white cotton paper.



The taste of White Tea is light, meaning it is like a delicate floral taste; you can imagine a well-educated girl with a pure and gentle appearance.



One of the popular white teas is Silver Needle. The colour of tea leaves is sliver and white, the tip of the tea leaves is sharp which is rare to see so that it is valuable among the White Tea categories. 



After brewing, the tea will become bright and change to crystal yellow, shining like a jade, with long-lasting aftertaste.

White Tea - FAQ


How to differentiate White Peony and Sau-Mei (Shou-Mei)?


The size of White Peony is larger and presents in heart shape. In contrast, Sau-Mei presents in strip and looks like an eyebrow.



Also, the tea scent of White Peony is more long-lasting and sweeter than Sau-Mei.


Does White Tea have tea sachets?


White Tea in general has the largest size of tea leaves, and thus adopting the tea sachets will likely crush the tea leaves, so we currently do not have this option in online shop.



However, it is possible for tea sachets production with only the most expensive and premium White Tea that only consist of small Silver Needles.



If you wish to know more, feel free to send us a message, as we sell this product upon batches to minimize the cost.  


How to store tea cake properly?


Generally, it is recommended to store the tea leaves in a well-ventilated and dry area to avoid direct sunlight.



In case there is white foam with pungent smell inside the tea cake, it represents that the tea cake is not edible. 



In contrast, if there is white foam without moldy smell, it is a natural fermentation for oxidation, it means that the tea cake is historical and edible.