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White Tea

Peony White Tea is a type of white tea made from underdeveloped and delicate leaf buds. It belongs to the lightly fermented category of teas. During spring, tea farmers handpick the youngest and greenest leaf buds, which are then carefully processed by artisans to create loose-leaf tea.


During the production process, Peony White Tea is typically presented in the form of loose-leaf tea. To preserve the quality of loose-leaf tea, many tea merchants compress the white tea into tea cakes.


When tasting, you can use a small knife or needle to pry out the desired amount. (Gentle reminder: Start from the loose part of the tea cake and slowly apply force to extract the desired amount). After completing the tea retrieval process, please wrap the tea cake back in white paper for sealed storage.


Peony White Tea has a delicate and elegant taste, unlike other teas that are strong in flavor. It is more like a young girl who understands etiquette and knowledge. It appears simple but slowly emanates a unique intellectual flavor.


Through tasting, one can truly appreciate the subtle variations of the tea.


One of the most popular varieties of white tea is Silver Needle, which stands out among white teas. This white tea has a silver-white color and needle-like shape, making it exceptionally rare and considered a treasure in the world of white tea.


In terms of color, high-quality Peony White Tea, when brewed, exhibits a bright pale green color, sparkling and with a long-lasting tea flavor.

White Tea - FAQ

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