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Wedding Gift Selection Guide! 3 High-Quality Gifts

Wedding gifts are an important part of the wedding ceremony. A good wedding gift not only brings back beautiful memories for guests but also serves as a special symbol of the couple's sweet love. Come and learn how to choose wedding gifts!

How to Choose Wedding Gifts? A Complete Guide of Wedding Gifts!

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1. How to Choose the proper Wedding Gifts? Timing is a factor when selecting Wedding Gifts!

Wedding is significant milestones in life, marking the beginning of a happy journey for two people. During the wedding, besides receiving blessings and gifts from numerous guests, the couple also carefully prepares wedding gifts for the attendees, hoping to share the joy and express gratitude.


However, before giving the gifts, it's important to consider the "timing" of presenting wedding gifts. Different timing reflects different emotions and meanings. By selecting unique wedding gifts based on this, the gifter's intentions can be conveyed more clearly, leaving the guests with the most beautiful impression of the wedding.



















1. Scented Tea | The Perfect Gift for Beauty and Wellness

Scented tea, such as Lychee Rose tea, is a perfect gift for beauty and wellness. It is a popular choice for wedding gifts due to its unique combination of flower essence and tea flavor. Scented teas not only provide a delightful taste but also offer beauty-enhancing and mood-relaxing effects.


When choosing scented tea as a gift, there are various flavors available to suit different preferences. For example, the sweet and fragrant rose flavor, the delicate and elegant osmanthus, or the refreshing and cool mint. This variety ensures that you can find the perfect scented tea that serves both as a gift and for personal enjoyment.


Moreover, scented teas carry a symbolic meaning called "floral language." This allows people to appreciate the hidden message while savoring their tea. In the case of Lychee Rose tea, it represents "Sincere Love." As a wedding gift, it symbolizes the genuine affection between the newlyweds, enabling guests to share in the sweetness of their love.

Lychee Rose

The special blend of Lychee Rose from Chinese Tea Gallery is an excellent choice. It combines the essence of French roses with lychee black tea. This tea releases a captivating rose aroma upon brewing, while the tea itself carries a subtle lychee flavour, resulting in a gentle and sweet taste. Offering this tea as a gift would be a thoughtful gesture that reflects the couple's sincere love.

2. Tea Sachet Wedding Gifts: Convenient and Stylish Choices

Tea sachets are a perfect wedding gift option for guests who lead busy lives. These compact and portable sachets make it easy to enjoy a cup of tea anytime, anywhere, without the need for additional tea tools. The individually packaged tea sachets are not only convenient to store but also add a touch of elegance when displayed on the wedding reception table, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.


However, it is crucial to pay attention to the quality of the tea sachets when selecting them as wedding gifts. Some tea sachets on the market are made from tea dust, resulting in a lackluster and bitter taste. To ensure a delightful tea experience, it is recommended to choose tea sachets made from whole leaf tea. For example, tea sachets from Chinese Tea Gallery are made from high-quality whole tea leaves, ensuring a rich and authentic tea flavour with every brew.

3. Tea Tins Wedding Gifts: Classic and Elegant Choices

Tea tins make for classic and elegant wedding gifts, particularly for guests who appreciate tea traditions. To ensure a thoughtful and high-quality selection, consider choosing Pu'Er tea or Oolong tea. Pu'Er tea is post-fermented and gentle on the palate, while Oolong tea offers health benefits and is stomach-friendly, making it suitable for older individuals.


With numerous tea varieties available, it can be challenging to decide. But fret not! We have hand-picked two tea options for you:

Hong Kong Pu'Er

This Hong Kong-style Pu'Er from Chinese Tea Gallery captures the essence of traditional tea from the 80s, evoking a sense of nostalgia. It delivers a rich and aged flavour, reminiscent of the historical charm of Hong Kong.

Red Oolong

Red Oolong is a classic and beginner-friendly choice among roasted oolong teas. It boasts a smooth texture and a roasted aroma. With a moderate caffeine content due to semi-roasting, even non-tea drinkers can enjoy this tea. Red Oolong is a versatile choice for those who are unsure of the recipient's tea preferences, as it falls between Oolong Tea and Black Tea.

2. What are the Different Timing for Presenting Wedding Gifts? A Comprehensive Look at Wedding Gift Types.

So, what are the different timings for presenting wedding gifts during the reception? According to the wedding process, it can generally be divided into 6 different timing.

Welcome Gifts

Welcome Gifts

Welcome gifts, also known as "Wedding Table Gifts," are typically placed on the tables, with each guest receiving one. Since there are usually many welcome gifts, and they need to be set up before guests take their seats, it is recommended to choose small-sized gifts that are easy to store and transport. This way, you can ask the venue staff to assist with the arrangement a day before the wedding.

Room Visitation Gifts

Room Visitation Gifts

Before the wedding begins, some guests may visit the bride's room to offer blessings and alleviate pre-wedding jitters. These guests are usually close to the couple, e.g. bride's best friends or relatives. The bride then presents "Room Visitation Gifts" to express gratitude. To prepare these customized gifts, the couple can pre-check the list and number of guests who will be visiting the room.

Second Entrance Gifts

Second Entrance Gifts

During the wedding, there are usually two entrance moments for the couple. The first entrance, made by the bride, is typically grand and warm. The second entrance, on the other hand, is more relaxed and lively. Since these gifts are freely available to guests at this time, it is recommended to prepare individually packaged items that are easy to distribute, preventing any chaos during the wedding.

Activity Gifts

Activity Gifts

Activity Gifts are often organized after the couple's second entrance. By this time, the wedding is in its later stages, and the couple prepares one or two fun wedding activities to increase guest participation and create deeper interactions, leaving lasting and joyful memories. These wedding activities are accompanied by activity gifts, which attract the involvement of all guests. If the number of prizes is limited, higher-value gifts such as small appliances or meal vouchers are often prepared to ensure winners receive something valuable to take home.

Gratitude Gifts

Gratitude Gifts

Gratitude gifts, also known as "thank you gifts," are presented to family members as a token of appreciation for their support and upbringing. As gratitude gifts hold significant meaning, they usually consist of commemorative items such as dolls with birthdates or rice bags weighing the same as the newborn. These gifts aim to evoke a sense of resonance within both parties.

Departure Gifts

Departure Gifts

After the wedding reception concludes, the couple bids farewell to the guests at the entrance. At this time, the couple typically prepares "departure gifts," such as candy or chocolates for guests to take away these sweet blessings, marking a perfect end to the wedding celebration.

These are the six timing for giving wedding return gifts. It is not mandatory to prepare all six stages of gifts; the couple can decide which ones to include based on their budget and the scale of the event. As long as the wedding proceeds smoothly and seamlessly, it will undoubtedly be a fantastic celebration for everyone involved.

3. Gift Selection Guide! Knowing these 3 tips will help your gifting decisions.

After introducing the timing for gift-giving, let's now provide a comprehensive guide for selecting wedding gifts. By following these 3 tips, you can ensure that these gifts have a positive impact on the wedding, leaving behind the most beautiful memories!

Wedding Gift Selection Tip 1: Occasions

Based on the 6 timing for gift-giving mentioned earlier, gifts need to be prepared in different occasions. Diverse presents can add a sense of surprise to the wedding and demonstrate your appreciation and thoughtfulness towards the guests. For example, when choosing gifts for welcoming guests, you can prepare "entry level" items that are generally well-received, such as cookies or candies. However, for room visitation gifts, you can personalize the gifts based on the guests' identities to show your sincerity.

Wedding Gift Selection Tip 2: Identity

When compiling the guest list, have a general understanding of the guests' personality, and background to select the most suitable gifts. For instance, elders usually prefer something traditional. On the other hand, younger friends who are the at the similar age as the couple, desserts, health-oriented gifts, or handmade crafts can be considered. Adding romantic and surprising elements to the packaging or design can enhance the appeal of the gifts.

Wedding Gift Selection Tip 3: Nature of the Gifts

Apart from representing the giver's sentiments, well-planned out wedding gifts should also ensure that the recipients do not find them burdensome or troublesome. Therefore, it is recommended to prioritize "Practical" when choosing small gifts for reciprocation. This way, the carefully prepared wedding gifts can effectively fulfil their inherent value.

Searching for Wedding Gifts? Chinese Tea Gallery is your next Destination!

1. Quality Matters! Choose Chinese Tea Gallery for Wedding Gifts

When it comes to wedding gifts, quality is paramount. That's why Chinese Tea Gallery, a branch of the renowned Fookwah Tea Company, is the perfect choice. With over 60 years of experience in Hong Kong, Fookwah Tea Company supplies tea to numerous tea houses, bubble tea shops, and hotels, ensuring top-notch quality. Chinese Tea Gallery maintains this standard by using original tea leaves for their tea sachets & tea tins. Each sachets allows for 2 to 3 brews, striking a delightful balance between quality and value.

2. Wedding Gift Services at Chinese Tea Gallery to ensure Excellence

Chinese Tea Gallery goes the extra mile to make your wedding return gifts truly special with a range of exclusive services:

Exclusive Service 1: Tea Tasting at the Store

Unsure about which tea variety to choose? Visit our store for a personalized tea tasting session. Sample our teas firsthand and find the perfect fit for your guests. Please note that a one-week advance reservation is required for this service, allowing for 1 to 2 hours of tea tasting.

Exclusive Service 2: Customize your Tea Blends

Looking for a unique flavour combination? Try our customized tea blends. Whether you crave the aged aroma of Pu'Er tea or the fragrant sweetness of chrysanthemum, we can create a blend tailored to your preferences. Embrace the perfect fusion of flavours during this important milestone.

Exclusive Service 3: Flexible Label Customization

Our wedding return gift packaging features stylish and high-quality designs. You have the freedom to make minor adjustments, such as changing names, within the existing framework. Delivery of these customized packages can be made within 2 weeks. If you prefer a completely new design, the delivery time will be 1 month, ensuring meticulous attention to detail during the printing process.

Exclusive Service 4: Freedom to Choose Tea Tins or Tea Sachets

Chinese Tea Gallery offers flexibility in packaging options. You can choose between elegant loose leaf tea tins, or tea sachets with strings and tags. Our team will provide further explanations and guide you through this decision during the tea tasting session.


These exclusive services are available only at Chinese Tea Gallery for wedding return gifts. For specific design styles and tea varieties, please refer to our catalogue. If you have any questions or special requirements, feel free to fill out the form, and our dedicated team will be delighted to assist you.

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