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Chinese Tea Gallery adheres the faith & belief of our ancestor


"華茶大觀", a book of tea knowledge that has been passed down in generations, the masterpiece is about promoting the tea ceremony culture to all around the world.


Chinese Tea Gallery has been committed to providing the most suitable and premium tea to different types of restaurants and institutions, hoping that everyone who drinks our tea can experience the charm of tea.


If you have any business cooperation inquiries or questions, feel free to contact us, we will reply as soon as possible!



What's great about Chinese Tea Gallery?


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We have 3 varieties of products


To request a quotation for tea bags and loose leaf tea,



Please fill out the form and specify the desired products in detail.



We will have a dedicated representative follow up with you for further processing.



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To request a quotation for tea powder,



Please fill out the form and specify the desired products in detail.



We will have a dedicated representative follow up with you for further processing.



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What we did in the past 60 years

Chinese Tea Gallery originated from Fook Wah Tea-Well Limited, a family business run by our great-grandfather since 1950s.



A wholesale company located in Hong Kong mainly sourcing and selling Chinese tea to restaurants and countries.



It was originally located in Wing Lok Street, then relocated to Sheung Wan, and finally to Shek Tong Tsui.



Over the past 60 years, we are involved in the Tea Industry for half a century in Hong Kong, and thus we have a lot of sourced more than 200 kinds of products including gradings, and we ended up partnering more than 700 chain restaurants, shops, and hotels.



Local citizens drink tea in several categories: Pu’Er, Green, Black, White, Oolong, Scented, Herbal, and Buckwheat Tea, each comes with a variety of gradings.



While fermented Pu’Er is traditionally bestseller on every dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong.



During the start of 21st century, tea bags staring to become a trend, so "Chinese Tea Gallery" has been born, and it serves the purposes of producing tea bags and tea powder, and also expand tea varieties by sourcing tea from different countries.



We offer tea wholesale services to our partners: coffee shops, hot pot restaurants, bubble tea shops, hotels, bakeries, Chinese and Western restaurants and tea houses.

Tea Industry Dilemma in the 1980s

In the 80s of Hong Kong Tea Industry, all the sources and retailing processes were manipulated by large-scale companies, it is in a monopoly economy status.



It required multiple government approvals to obtain additional tea supply. Therefore, prices were way over the top.




Upon realizing this crisis, my grandfather saw the importance of warehouses to stock tea, so he tried his best to buy out all the premium tea products, and at the same time buy out all available warehouses in Sai Wan for wholesale tea storages to resolve the danger.



The tea warehouse is not only used to keep tea in stock, but also to leverage the taste.



In the history of Pu’Er tea, local citizens have a habit of consuming fermented Pu’Er tea instead of non-fermented taste, which is why owning multiple warehouses will have an advantage.



The science behind is when a high temperature and humid environment is formed in the tea warehouse, and the longer time the Pu’Er tea is stored, Pu’Er will start to be fermented, and we wait between 3 and 10 years, it will slowly become our bestseller - Palace Pu'Er.



In the mid-to-late 90s, a great amount of traditional Chinese dim sum restaurants got shut down, suspend operations because there are new modernize restaurants entering the F&B industry.



The demand of traditional restaurants has gone down and thus brought many challenges to the tea wholesale market. Soon after, my father became the owner of the business, and inherited the spirit of Lion Rock Spirit from my grandfather, which is his hard-working persona to solve all difficulties.

Evolving into Online & Retail platform

Our brand has a meaning of heritage, and a symbol of diversity, we hope to pass down our passion and experience, so that tea lovers can get to know more different countries of tea.



As more local citizens crave high quality tea, we decided to first create a website for people to purchase, then provide an affordable pricing scheme.



Next, we source different continents of tea to offer it in our platform, and finally tailor-made gift sets for customers to enjoy tea in holiday seasons.



Thankfully, customers and merchants love our tea, as we have both Chinese & Western tea varieties, together with elegant tea packaging for daily usage, and lastly retail area for our guest to mix & match tea located in our office.



Customers are kin to try out Japanese & Taiwanese tea, and vendors are willing to be our business partners for all sorts of collaborations.



Our goal is to make a breakthrough of the traditional perception and open a new world for tea lovers. 


Contact Us


Address: Room A, 6/F, Yam Hop Hing Industrial Building, 40 - 44 Kwai Wing Rd, Kwai Chung

Tea Sachets & Tea Wholesale - FAQ


Does cteagallery provide tea sachets?


Yes, we have warehouses and machines to manufacture tea sachets in Hong Kong, and thus let us know your preferred choice then we will try our best to organize it for you.


Does cteagallery use whole tea leaves?


We use whole tea leaves for both loose leave packages, and tea sachets. Many tea suppliers prefer to use tea-dust because it is cost-efficient. However, we do not want to accept this standard, and thus we offer whole tea leaves since 1950s. 


Does cteagallery supply tea powders for bakeries?


Yes, we do offer tea powders for bakeries to produce cakes and cookies. Currently, we have 11 choices of tea powders, which include Japanese green tea powder, and Hojicha powder.


How many grams per tea sachets is wholesaled by cteagallery?


Tea sachets come with different sizes, and each comes with a minimum of 5 grams.



The maximum weight is 15 grams. If vendors request for MOQ upon ordering, you can contact us for more details as each product have different MOQ.


How long does it take for tea production in cteagallery?


3 to 5 working days. Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays are off.


What is the delivery schedule for tea wholesale in cteagallery?


Each zone have different time schedule for tea delivery in the B2B sector, as we do not have our own logistic fleet, please contact us for details.


What are the wholesale tea packaging?


As a professional & reliable tea supplier, we have our own stunning & practical packaging that utilize aluminium foil bags to contain tea sachets and loose-leaf tea, it comes with 3 sizes.


There are also a traditional packaging practices that pass along through generations, we can also provide this service if requested.


How to store your tea to last longer?


Tea is a sensitive set of products, it should avoid any direct contact with light, sun, and long-term exposure to air, as it will expire within half a day.


Also, try your best not to place them together with coffee and spices, otherwise tea will absorb the external flavour into its own. Finally, teas that contain flower buds, such as: Chrysanthemum, need to be refrigerated to avoid any insects.