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Chinese Tea Gallery, guided by the belief in "華茶大觀" is dedicated to serving our esteemed customers and spreading the tea culture around the globe.


Chinese Tea Gallery is committed to providing the most suitable and premium tea for testing and establishments of different dining experiences, ensuring that everyone who enjoys our teas can truly appreciate the enchanting qualities of tea.


For any inquiries or questions regarding business collaborations, please contact us, and we will promptly respond to you!

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Premium Wholesale Tea Menu

Tea Sachets and Whole Leaf Quotation

Tea Sachets & Loose Leaf Quotation

We offer a diverse range of tea varieties and grades from various sources.

Please fill out the form and specify the desired products in details, we will follow up with you for further processing.


Tea Powder Quotation

We supply tea powder sourced from Japan and Taiwan.

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Get to know more about our Tea History

Chinese Tea Gallery has its roots in Fook Wah Tea-Well Limited, a family business that has been operated by our great-grandfather since the 1950s. Originally established as a wholesale company based in Hong Kong, our primary focus is sourcing and selling Chinese tea to restaurants and countries. Initially situated on Wing Lok Street, we subsequently relocated to Sheung Wan before settling in our current location of Shek Tong Tsui.


With over 60 years of experience in the Hong Kong tea industry, we have dedicated half a century to this trade. As a result, we have amassed an extensive collection of over 200 tea products, including various grades. Our strong partnerships have allowed us to collaborate with over 700 chain restaurants, shops, and hotels.


Local residents in Hong Kong enjoy tea in several categories, ranging from Pu’Er, Green, Black, White, Oolong, Scented, Herbal, to Buckwheat Tea, each offering a diverse range of grades. Fermented Pu’Er tea stands as a traditional bestseller in dim sum restaurants across Hong Kong. As the 21st century began, the trend of tea bags emerged. In response to this, "Chinese Tea Gallery" was established, enabling us to produce tea sachets and tea powder.


Furthermore, we expanded our tea varieties by sourcing tea from different countries. We specialize in providing tea wholesale services to a wide range of partners, including coffee shops, hot pot restaurants, bubble tea shops, hotels, bakeries, Chinese and Western restaurants, as well as tea houses.

Tea Industry Dilemma in the 1980s

In the 1980s, the Hong Kong tea industry was dominated by large-scale companies, creating a monopoly in the market. These companies controlled the sources and retailing processes, leading to inflated prices. Additionally, obtaining additional tea supply required multiple government approvals, further contributing to the high prices.


Recognizing the crisis at hand, my grandfather understood the significance of warehouses for stocking tea. He made every effort to acquire premium tea products and simultaneously purchased all available warehouses in Sai Wan for wholesale tea storage, aiming to address the challenges posed by the monopoly.


These tea warehouses served a dual purpose. They not only provided storage space but also facilitated the enhancement of tea flavor. In the history of Pu’Er tea, local citizens had a preference for fermented Pu’Er tea over non-fermented varieties. Owning multiple warehouses conferred an advantage in this regard.

The science behind it lies in creating a high temperature and humid environment within the tea warehouse. Over time, Pu’Er tea undergoes fermentation, and by waiting for a period of 3 to 10 years, it gradually transforms into our bestselling product - Palace Pu'Er.


In the mid-to-late 1990s, numerous traditional Chinese dim sum restaurants were forced to shut down or suspend operations due to the emergence of modernized restaurants entering the F&B industry. The decline in demand from traditional establishments posed significant challenges to the tea wholesale market. Consequently, my father assumed ownership of the business and inherited the Lion Rock Spirit from my grandfather, embodying his hard-working persona to overcome all difficulties.

Tea Supplier Dedicated to Advancement

Our brand embodies the essence of heritage and symbolizes diversity. We are committed to passing down our passion and experience, allowing tea lovers to explore the rich variety of teas from different countries.


Recognizing the increasing demand for high-quality tea among local residents, we took the initiative to create a user-friendly website for easy online purchasing. Moreover, we implemented an affordable pricing scheme to make our teas accessible to a wider audience.


In our endeavor to provide a diverse tea selection, we source teas from different continents, ensuring a global representation on our platform. Additionally, we curate tailor-made gift sets for customers to enjoy during holiday seasons, enhancing their tea-drinking experience.


We are grateful that our teas have garnered the love and support of both customers and merchants. With a range of Chinese and Western tea varieties, complemented by elegant tea packaging suitable for daily use, we have also set up a dedicated retail area in our office, allowing guests to explore and mix and match teas according to their preferences.


Our customers are eager to explore Japanese and Taiwanese teas, and vendors are enthusiastic about collaborating with us for various partnerships. Together, we aim to challenge traditional perceptions and open up a new world of possibilities for tea lovers. Our ultimate goal is to revolutionize the tea industry, providing tea enthusiasts with an opportunity to expand their horizons and discover the wonders of tea from around the world.

Chinese Tea Gallery Address

Room A, 6/F, Yam Hop Hing Industrial Building, 40 - 44 Kwai Wing Rd, Kwai Chung


Phone: 2816-2659

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