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花茶是指吸收了花香的茶葉並融合了植物的花、葉而製成的混合花茶,所以花茶具有濃醇爽口的茶味,又兼有鮮靈甘美的花香,茶引花香,花透茶味。繁忙時細喝一杯花茶,令人神清氣爽,確是一種享受。 每個國家的養生花茶基底配搭都不一樣,例如:中國的花茶茶葉基底主要為綠茶,相比台灣會以烏龍為基底,而華茶館亦用紅茶來自創花茶香港配方。花茶的特性是需要使用香氣明顯且不易凋萎的花卉作為原料,如:茉莉花、桂花、玫瑰花、洛神花。 總括而言,花茶茶葉既可保留著茶的味道,也兼備著養生花茶推薦作用,功效對人體健康有所裨益,如有助消除身體浮腫、舒緩失眠症狀和降低血壓等功效。


Osmanthus Oolong

For Ladies

Osmanthus Oolong has superb floral fragrance with a smooth taste. We have experimented a lot to successfully blend the one that balanced the taste of Osmanthus and Oolong.


Benefits include enhances beauty, vitalizes skin, & great for lungs’ health because it aids to get rid of body’s toxins. Fun fact about Osmanthus’ flower language, it symbolizes true love & faith, and peace.

Lychee Rose

For Couples

A unique tea blend that is developed by our tea expertise. Lychee Rose is a combination of fresh Rose buds, and Lychee black tea, it has a delightful floral aroma that gives a pleasant experience.


The benefits include warming up the body, waking up your mind, reduce anxiety, and improve digestion. Lychee Rose Tea is quite popular for tea lovers because it’s taste and rarity in the market.


For Colleagues

Peppermint is from the mint family, it is an aromatic herb, a hybrid between watermint and spearmint, is peppermint.


It can improve digestion system, help to relieve headache, and ease cold and flu.


Interestingly, we blended peppermint with Biluochun Green tea, the green tea itself has a cooling sensation that can further enhance the Green tea aroma by combining with Peppermint.

Jasmine Tea

For Friends

Jasmine tea is popular for both traditional & modern tea lovers. Jasmine is Green tea combined with Jasmine flowers, the flowers can then naturally scent the tea for a long period of time.


It has a delightful jasmine floral fragrance, benefits including reduce cholesterol levels, and promote skin health. The great thing about Jasmine tea is that it can be made into Jasmine Mojito, a refreshing cocktail.

Chrysanthemum Pu’Er

For Family

Chrysanthemum is a natural herbal tea, and a dried chrysanthemum can blend with traditional Pu’Er tea to develop a modernize tea that every local Hong Kongers will enjoy.


Benefits include calming the mind, nourishing the liver, and warming up the body.


We chose and sourced the best Chrysanthemum that are bigger in size, and the flower will bloom upon brewing with water.

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