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Make Gifting Easy! Tea Gift Designed for Every Occasion

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Finding a Gift that is Playful & Enjoyable

Simplicity,Tea-riffic Gift

Finding a Gift with Minimal Effort,Pick 1 Tea of Each Category

Thoughtful & Tailor-Made

Personalize a Gift for Her/Him.7 Styles.30 Flavours

Design Your Own Gift: Personal, Unique, Perfect!

Tea-riffic Gift is a unique creation that seamlessly blends eastern and western culture, represented through the use of circles and squares. Our gift of tea variety allows for a diverse pairing of different tea cultures, giving everyone the freedom to choose their own taste. Our non-traditional design features professional and textured colors that break away from the old-fashioned, traditional tea stereotype.


We promote an understanding and appreciation of different tea cultures beyond China. Tea-riffic Gift is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also functional, with a magnet mechanism that properly seals the gift.


When opening the gift box, you'll find brewing instructions to ensure the perfect cup of tea every time. We provide a tea card with light and strong brewing methods in both English and traditional Chinese, tailored to the type of tea you choose. The bottom of the gift box is made of Expandable Polyethylene, ensuring that the four cans of tea you select will be safely protected from scratches.

Tea-riffic Tins – Notify us to add a gift box upon checkout

We offer a customizable selection of four loose-leaf tea tins, perfect for a unique and personalized present. Each tin features a transparent lid and label, allowing tea-lovers to easily identify their favourite tea. If you would like to add a gift box to your purchase, simply select the "Add to Cart" option at checkout.  

Tea Gift ‧ Sugar-free ‧ Alcohol-free

Celebrate with Cold Brew Wine Bottle

Our Intellectual Series gift is designed for sophisticated ladies who prefer tea sachets. The stylish cylinder tins make it easy to brew tea during work, staycations, vacations, or travel, while matching your noble and elegant persona. 


Our "Classic & Timeless Aroma" Collection features geometric lines and a teal colour scheme, expressing an idea of value and attitude towards life. The embedded quote, "Be honest. Be authentic. Be Tea-riffic", encourages you to be your best self.


Our "A Modern Twist Aroma" series offers a mix of floral and fruity tea flavours to elevate your tea aroma to the next level. The embedded quote, "Take a seat. Take a sip. Enjoy the flavourful adventure", reminds us to live a colourful and adventurous life beyond the norms of the "social clock". Choose Tea-riffic Tins for a thoughtful and customized gift that will delight any tea-lover.

Tea Gifts - Frequently Asked Questions

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