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Herbal Tea Introduction

Herbal Tea does not contain caffeine as the tea do not have tea leaves, quite suitable to drink at night. What makes it healthy is thatHerbal Tea tend to have significant plants’ vitamins and minerals as nutrition, and thus great for our health upon drinking. In the past, Herbal Tea has been applied on daily lives before it is popular since it is useful to promote skin health and improve insomnia, such as German Chamomile. Herbal Tea can be separated as two categories: Fresh or Dried.


Fresh Herbal Tea consist of fresh tea buds, and thus more aromatic, but needs to be aware of preservation and seasonal changes. Dried Herbal Tea, on the other hand, can be stored with ease for a long period of time but need to take some time to release the tea flavour.

Herbal Tea Collection

Paris Roselle

The components include Roselle, apple, strawberry, orange, raisin, and mint. Legend once said Roselle is Cleopatra’s favourite tea, the queen in Ancient Egypt.


With the lemon-like sour taste, Paris Roselle is suitable to be combined with honey to improve appetite, metabolism and immune system.


Interestingly, in Tokyo Olympic Games 1964, German team consumed this Roselle tea to keep himself fully hydrated.


Chrysanthemum is a natural Herbal Tea. It can be brewed with Goji Berry and Jujube to bring out the sweetness of the tea. It is great for nourishing the liver, improve vision and calming the mind.


Chrysanthemum is very delicious as it was harvested before it reaches fully blossom period so that the petal will be more intact and open like a flower when brewed with hot water.

Blueberry Fruit

The components include Roselle, Raisin and Blueberry. Blueberry contains anthocyanin so that it shows bluish purple colour.


As an antioxidant, anthocyanin can help to prevent diseases that affect blood or heart vessels, improving cognitive ability, and improve vision.

Snow Daisy

Snow Daisy is a naturally caffeine free herbal tea. It can help to lower blood sugar and blood pressure. The taste of Snow Daisy is quite strong, so it would be your preference if you like drinking tea in stronger taste of note.


Rooibos origin came from the endemic plant located in South Africa. The aroma of Rooibos can match with the fruity and floral scent. Additionally, Rooibos can help to treat insomnia and improve digestive system.

Herbal Tea – FAQ

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