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Which Scented tea is the Healthiest? Looking for Flavourful Surprises?

Scented tea is a highly versatile category that can be paired with various tea bases, including Green tea, Oolong tea, Black tea, and Pu’Er. In this article, we will explore different aspects of Scented tea, addressing questions such as “Which Scented tea is most effective for weight loss?” and “Which Scented tea can improve sleep quality?” We will also provide information on proper storage methods for Scented tea.

1. What is Scented tea?

Scented tea is a blend where tea leaves absorb the fragrance of flowers, resulting in a harmonious combination of tea and floral essence. It offers a rich and refreshing tea flavours accompanied by a delightful floral aroma. It's important to note that Scented tea must contain tea leaves, while teas without tea leaves are considered Herbal tea.

2. Scented teas and its dynamic tea base variations

During busy times, enjoying a cup of Scented tea can provide a rejuvenating experience. Different cultures have their own traditional combinations for Scented tea. For example, in China, Scented tea is often based on Green tea, while in Taiwan, Oolong tea serves as the preferred base. Unique Scented tea formulas using Black tea as a base have also been created in Chinese Tea Gallery.


Scented tea requires flowers with distinct and long-lasting aromas as the optimal tea blend. Examples include camellia, jasmine, osmanthus, roses, peppermint leaves, and lemongrass. Scented tea not only retains the essence of tea but also offers health benefits, such as reducing bloating, deals with insomnia, and aiding in blood pressure regulation.

3. Two Steps to choose your Scented tea of the Week

Step One: When selecting a Scented tea that matches your preferences, start by considering the tea base.


- If you enjoy light and fragrant Scented teas, opt for those based on Green tea or Oolong tea. For example, try Camellia Oolong, Osmanthus Oolong, or Peppermint Green Tea.


- If you prefer a rich and warming Scented tea, try those based on Black tea or Pu’Er tea. For instance, consider Lychee Rose or Cinnamon Earl Grey tea.


Step Two: Pick your desired benefits. Are you looking to solve breath smell issues, or promote weight loss? If both options are suitable for you, consider purchasing two types of Scented tea to fulfill your weekly desires.

How to Properly Store Scented Tea?

Is there a difference in storing dried flowers and fresh flower?

Storage methods for fresh and dried flowers:

Fresh flowers: These are Scented teas that contain flower buds. They need to be stored in the refrigerator at a temperature around zero degrees Celsius. For example, Chrysanthemum.


Dried flowers: These are Scented teas that do not contain flower buds. Generally, they can be stored for six months to one year, using the same storage methods as other types of tea.


Keep in mind that tea leaves should not be directly exposed by long duration of direct sunlight, and they should not be exposed to air or strong odor. After each use, Scented tea should be properly stored. By following these methods, Scented tea can be stored for over a year.

8 Scented Teas for Health-Conscious Individuals

Tea is the first step for a healthy lifestyle, not a medicine for curing diseases. Maintain a balanced diet and exercising will improve your health.

1. Camellia Oolong – Promote Weight Loss

Camellia is the latest Scented tea offering from Chinese Tea Gallery. This tea is made with Camellia flowers as the main ingredient, imparting a natural and tranquil aroma. Upon sipping, a subtle floral fragrance permeates, complementing the semi-fermented Oolong tea with its sweet and smooth flavours.


In the art of Floriography, Camellia is freedom, love, and beauty, leaving a sublime impression. When you choose Camellia tea as a gift, it expresses your respect and cherishment for the recipient. Camellia makes your gift even more special, allowing the recipient to feel your sincere emotions. Whether it's Valentine's Day, a birthday, a wedding anniversary, or any other special occasion, gifting Camellia flowers creates a romantic and deeply emotional atmosphere, making that moment unforgettable.


Camellia flowers also have many other benefits, such as helpful for skincare and can help to reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.

Camellia Oolong Benefits

Scented Tea Benefits

- Fat burning and aiding in digestive health.

- Helps lower blood pressure & cholesterol levels, promote heart health.

- Enhances brain sharpness and aid preventing cognitive decline.


Who Can Benefit from this Scented Tea?

- Individuals looking to lose weight

- Sedentary office workers

- Individuals requiring prolonged focus on daily task

- Elderly individuals

2. Osmanthus Oolong - Revitalize and Brighten Your Skin

Osmanthus flowers are warm in nature and rich in aromatic substances. Through years of tea blending, we have fine-tuned the tea flavour to be exceptional. Oolong tea, known for its numerous benefits, helps in skin whitening, warming the stomach, and nourishing the lungs. It is particularly suitable for women as a choice for health and beauty.


The fragrant and gentle aroma of Osmanthus tea, combined with the unique and mellow flavour of Oolong tea, makes it a perfect choice for savouring after a midday meal. Pair it with a crispy rice cake, and you can relax and enjoy a leisurely afternoon. This combination not only satisfies the taste buds but also brings peace and pleasure to the mind, creating beautiful moments in your daily life.


In the art of Floriography, Osmanthus represented nobility, peace, and unwavering ideals. It later became popular in Hong Kong, finding applications in alcoholic beverages, medicines, and perfumes. 

Osmanthus Oolong Benefits

Scented Tea Benefits

- Relieves tension and promotes relaxation, helping with sleep.

- Relieves cough and helps eliminate bad breath.

- Warms the stomach, and alleviates pain


Who Can Benefit from this Scented Tea?

- Individuals experiencing insomnia

- Experiencing cough or throat discomfort

- People with stomach discomfort

3. Peppermint Green Tea : Soothe Mild Cold Symptoms and Aid Bad Breath

Peppermint tea is renowned for its refreshing and natural flavour, while Green tea, as an unfermented tea, offers a sweet and refreshing taste. This Scented tea is a unique combination of fresh peppermint leaves and fragrant Biluochun Green tea, resulting in a distinct mouthfeel.


When you savour a cup of Peppermint Green tea, you'll immediately experience the cool aroma of peppermint, as if you're immersed in a peppermint garden. Upon sipping, the refreshing sensation of peppermint gradually spreads in your mouth, leaving you feeling refreshed, comfortable, and a lingering aroma of peppermint.


In ancient history, Peppermint leaves have long been used as a traditional Chinese medicine to alleviate cold symptoms, and later, they have been studied and recommended as a health beverage and cosmetic product in the form of floral tea.


The best thing about Peppermint Tea is the Green tea base, Biluochun Green tea, which features curled and delicate tea leaves with a fresh and mellow flavour. As a representative of cold-brewed teas, it brings delightful surprises.


This Peppermint Green tea not only offers a refreshing experience but also provides oral freshness, making it an ideal choice to bring a cool and pleasant tea-drinking experience.

Peppermint Green Tea Benefits

Scented Tea Benefits: 

- Relieves stress, promotes relaxation, and aids in better sleep.

- Soothes cough, loosens phlegm, and helps eliminate bad breath.

- Warms the stomach, and alleviates pain.

Who Can Benefit from this Scented Tea?

- Individuals with insomnia or poor sleep quality

- Those experiencing cough or throat discomfort

- People seeking to deal with breath issues

- Individuals with stomach discomfort

4. Lychee Rose - Relaxation & Relief Cold Constitution

This exquisite tea combines whole pink rose petals from France, lychee Black tea, and our exclusive blending technique, resulting in a delightful and fragrant tea.


The rich and sweet aroma of pink roses provides a gentle and soothing effect, promoting emotional relaxation, and relieving tension. 


Additionally, lychee Black tea is a beloved choice in the world of Scented tea. It offers multiple benefits such as improving sensitivity to cold and reducing stress.


With its delicate pink rose petals, this Scented tea is a perfect surprise for Valentine's Day. Instead of expensive flowers, you can enjoy a cup of Lychee Rose for a romantic time together.

Lychee Rose Benefits

Scented Tea Benefits:

- Relieves depression, effectively soothing the mind and emotions.

- Helps alleviate liver heat, and ease tension.

- Improves circulation, contributing to a healthy glow and beauty.


Who Can Benefit from this Scented Tea?

- Couples who want to relax and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere

- Working professionals experiencing high levels of stress

- Individuals with insomnia or sleep issues.

5. Jasmine Tea – Relieve Menstrual Pain & aid Digestion

One of the well-known Green Tea found in traditional dim sum restaurants.


The tea leaves of Jasmine Tea contain a large amount of tea red and tea yellow pigments, which are believed to be able to remove active oxygen molecules, help with anti-oxidation, and protect the skin and maintain beauty. Therefore, Jasmine Tea is considered a Scented tea with both health and beauty benefits.


Anti-inflammatory properties: Jasmine Tea contains natural anti-inflammatory substances, such as flavonoids and aromatic compounds, which can help alleviate the inflammatory response caused by menstrual pain and effectively regulate hormones. Consumption before menstruation can help women relieve menstrual pain.


Jasmine flowers themselves have a fresh and elegant aroma, which is retained in the tea leaves, giving the tea a unique floral scent. This brings a soft and mellow taste to this flower tea, making it a suitable choice for people of all ages.


Fun Fact: Jasmine Tea is so well-known that it has many recipes, and Chinese Tea Gallery has successfully made into cocktails - Jasmine Mojito, recipes are detailed in our website.

Jasmine Tea Benefits

Scented Tea Benefits:

- Rich in Vitamin C & Vitamin E to help with anti-aging.

- Taking it before menstruation can help relieve menstrual pain.

- Helps with digestion, and effectively removes greasiness.


Who Can Benefit from this Scented Tea?

- Strive to maintain beauty and anti-aging

- Women who suffer from menstrual pain

- People with indigestion

6. Chrysanthemum Pu’Er Tea – Anti-aging cup of tea to preserve your Beauty

The cool nature of Chrysanthemum and the warm nature of Pu’Er tea complement each other, creating a balanced and lightly sweet flavour that is irresistible. From a health perspective, Pu’Er tea has anti-aging effects and the natural enzymes and microorganisms in it can help promote intestinal health and alleviate stomach discomfort and bloating. 


Chrysanthemum, on the other hand, has beauty benefits, making "Chrysanthemum Pu’Er Tea" highly recommended as a Scented tea for beauty and anti-aging.


However, it is important to note that chrysanthemum tea leaves should be kept in the refrigerator and away from high temperatures to prevent insect infestations and discoloration.


This Scented tea is recommended for those who enjoy traditional tea with a hint of floral aroma. It can also reduce heat in the body and add to the enjoyment of drinking it while sitting by a fireplace.

Chrysanthemum Pu’Er Benefits

Scented Tea Benefits:

- Relieves dry and sore eyes.

- Alleviates acne, sore throat, and mouth ulcers.

- Aids in weight loss, and promotes digestion.


Who Can Benefit from this Scented Tea?

- People who frequently use computers & smartphones

- Those who frequently experience skin problems

- People who want to lose weight

7. Lemongrass Green Tea – Reduce Water Retention & Detoxify

Lemongrass Green Tea combines the flavours of lemongrass and high-quality Green tea, bringing a refreshing and unforgettable lemon aroma.


Not only that, but the taste of this Scented tea is also cool and pleasant, and the subtle lemon scent can bring a joyful mood. The fragrance of lemongrass sweeps away the discomfort of summer heat and opens your appetite!


Lemongrass Green Tea is the ideal choice for cooling off in the summer. It not only helps to eliminate fatigue and promote digestion, but also increases metabolism & reduce edema, giving you more energy and a refreshing feeling.

Lemongrass Green Tea Benefits

Scented Tea Benefits: 

- Help reduce water retention.

- Helps to eliminate parasites and bacteria in the digestive system.

- Detoxifies to help the body eliminate harmful substance.


Who Can Benefit from this Scented Tea?

- People who often experience water retention

- Discomfort in the digestive system

- People who are lack of energy and tired

8. Royal Cinnamon - Relieve Bloating and Warm up your Body

Designed for those who enjoy smoky flavours. It combines the unique flavours of cinnamon and Earl Grey tea. At first, you will be captivated by the aroma of cinnamon, and then you will taste the smoky fragrance of Earl Grey tea, creating an unforgettable combination.


Cinnamon Earl Grey tea-blend is very special, it has a mild spicy flavour intertwined with the citrusy taste of Earl Grey tea, allowing you to enjoy a leisurely cup in the morning or share with friends during afternoon tea.


In addition to its unique flavours, this tea also helps to improve appetite and solve digestive problems. The antibacterial function of cinnamon helps reduce bloating, improving your appetite and providing warmth to your body.

Royal Cinnamon Tea Benefits:

Scented Tea Benefits:

- Aid to effectively lower blood sugar.

- Bergamot from Earl Grey tea helps with metabolism and digestion.

- Relieves discomfort during menstruation, improves poor blood circulation


Who Can Benefit from this Scented Tea?

- Digestive problems or stomach discomfort

- Experience physical discomfort during menstruation

- Elderly individuals

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