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Scented Tea

What is Scented Tea?


Scented tea is made by combining flowers, plants’ leaves, and tea leaves together to develop floral fragrance.


Scented tea has a sweet and fresh tea note, truly a refreshing drink.


The characteristic of scented tea consists of different types of tea base, such as: Green, Oolong, Black, Pu’Er, and then combined with different plants, such as: Rose, Osmanthus, Peppermint.


Each combination will then develop a pleasurable aroma, the best ones can only be done by expertise, and needed to be blended carefully.


8 choices that will make you fall in love

How to enjoy a calm and relaxing atmosphere without leaving your home, try Camellia Oolong.


Delicate and aromatic scented tea, perfect for those who appreciate a natural and calm atmosphere.



Also known as camellia flower, exudes a subtle floral aroma and is a perfect match for oolong tea, giving it a refreshing and sweet taste.



Camellia flowers symbolize freedom, love and beauty and leave a lasting impression on those who experience them.



In addition, camellia flowers offer several benefits, such as weight loss, and skincare.


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How to indulge in a delicious treat without guilt? Lychee Rose, is a healthy and tasty option


A unique tea blend that is developed by our tea expertise.



Lychee Rose is a combination of fresh Rose buds, and Lychee black tea. It has a delightful floral aroma that gives a pleasant experience.




The benefits include warming up the body, waking up your mind, reduce anxiety, and improve digestion.



Lychee Rose is quite popular for tea lovers because it’s taste and rarity in the market.


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Enjoy a romantic mood without a date. Osmanthus Oolong, for a love-inducing aroma


Osmanthus Oolong has superb floral fragrance with a smooth taste.



We have experimented a lot to successfully blend the one that balanced the taste of Osmanthus and Oolong.



Benefits include enhances beauty, vitalizes skin, & great for lungs’ health because it aids to get rid of body’s toxins.



Fun fact about Osmanthus’ flower language, it symbolizes true love & faith, and peace.



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Enjoy the perfect blend of green tea and jasmine flowers. Jasmine Tea, the best of both worlds


Jasmine tea is popular for both traditional & modern tea lovers.



Jasmine is Green tea combined with Jasmine flowers, the flowers can then naturally scent the tea for a long period of time.



It has a delightful jasmine floral fragrance, benefits including reduce cholesterol levels, and promote skin health.



The great thing about Jasmine tea is that it can be made into Jasmine Mojito, a refreshing cocktail.


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Stay cool without air conditioning. Peppermint Tea, for a refreshing sensation


Peppermint is from the mint family, it is an aromatic herb, a hybrid between watermint and spearmint, is peppermint.



It can improve digestion system, help to relieve headache, and ease cold and flu.



Interestingly, we blended peppermint with Biluochun Green tea, the green tea itself has a cooling sensation that can further enhance the Green tea aroma with Peppermint.


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Experience tradition and modernity with Chrysanthemum Pu'Er Tea


Chrysanthemum is a natural herbal tea, and a dried chrysanthemum can blend with traditional Pu’Er tea to develop a modernize tea that every local Hong Kongers will enjoy.



Benefits include calming the mind, nourishing the liver, and warming up the body.



We chose and sourced the best Chrysanthemum that are bigger, and the flower will bloom upon brewing with water.


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How to stay cool this summer without sugary drinks, Lemongrass Green Tea!


Enjoy the refreshing taste of Lemongrass Green Tea, a perfect blend of lemongrass and premium green tea.



The lemongrass aroma adds a hint of lemon to the tea, making it unforgettable.



This tea has a cool and refreshing taste, making it ideal for summer.



It can help eliminate fatigue, promote digestion, and boost metabolism, providing a refreshing feeling.


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Smoky flavour that's healthier and long-lasting, Cinnamon Earl Grey


A perfect blend of cinnamon and Earl Grey tea.



The cinnamon aroma adds a spicy touch to the tea, followed by the smoky flavour of Earl Grey.



This tea has a mild spicy taste that complements the citrus flavour of Earl Grey tea, making it perfect for a leisurely morning cup or an afternoon tea with friends.



This tea contains rich polyphenols and natural anti-inflammatory substances that can help improve appetite and digestion while also warming the body.


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Scented Tea - FAQ

Popular pick for ladies that crave for health & well-being lifestyle?

Lychee Rose is a popular pick for wellness warriors. Based on principles of traditional Chinese medicine, roses have warm properties, it can properly regulate qi and reduce stagnation, remove blood stasis, and improve digestive system.


Nonetheless, with its charming aroma, tea-lovers will love this selection upon smelling it.


Most gentle & fragrant scented tea recommendation?

Osmanthus according to principles of Chinese medicine, benefits include dispel phlegm, and cleansing breath.


The nature of Osmanthus has a golden yellow colour, steeping the tea for one minute will unleash its aroma to full potential.


Which tea is widely accepted in Hong Kong?

Jasmine is widely accepted as one of the traditions. It is well-known in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong traditional dim sum restaurants, and daily consumed since early mornings.


Best tea to aid body aches caused by flu?

Peppermint in Chinese medicine principles, is use for expelling wind & heat, relieve headache, and remove qi stagnation, as it is considered to have aromatic & cooling properties.


One of the chemical components is decongestant, which aid to shrink swollen membranes in the nose, making us easier to breathe.


Easiest tea that can blend-my-own flavour?

Chrysanthemum Pu’Er is the easiest DIY tea to blend because all we need is Chrysanthemum and mix with Palace Pu’Er to blend your own cup of tea.


In Chinese medicine principles, Chrysanthemum can treat internal & external health issues, such as improve eyesights, ease stress, and dispelling wind pathogens.