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Chinese Green Tea

What are the Benefits of Green Tea? What are some Recommendations?

Dive into the world of Green tea as we explore the different types of Chinese and Japanese Green teas, their benefits, and potential drawbacks. A guide that give answers to "When is the best time to drink Green tea?" and "Which Green tea should I buy?"

What makes Green Tea different than Black Tea, & Oolong Tea?

1. What is Green Tea? How do we tell the difference from other types of tea?

2. What does Green tea contains?

Different Countries of Green Tea

1. Chinese vs Japanese Green Tea: Difference of Tea Processing Technique

2. Six types of Chinese Green Tea

3. Six types of Japanese Green Tea

The Benefits of Green Tea! Learn Green Tea in just Seconds

🍵 Green Tea Benefit 1: Maintain Immune System Function

🍵 Green Tea Benefit 2: Refreshing and Hydrating

🍵 Green Tea Benefit 3: Aids Metabolism

🍵 Green Tea Benefit 4: Maintains Fresh Breath

🍵 綠茶功效 5:有助於防止病毒複製

🍵 綠茶功效 6:有助於緩解發炎

Lesser-known Facts about Green Tea

Does Green Tea contain a lot of caffeine?

Who should be mindful when drinking Green Tea?

When is the Best Time to Drink Green Tea? Discover the Optimal Moments for Tea Enjoyment!

Can I drink Green Tea on an Empty Stomach? Can Green Tea aid in Weight Loss at Night?

Satisfy both Gifting and Personal Enjoyment

Hong Kong Green Tea Recommendationg! The Best Choice for Tea Lovers

Green Tea Recommendations at Chinese Tea Gallery

Dragon Well

Dragon Well, also known as "Longjing, it is one of China's most famous teas, as Dragon Well is harvested between March and April and shares a flat tea shape.


The tea is harvested before the Ching Ming Festival, and the best quality Dragon Well tea is grown in the West Lake region.


Dragon Well tea has a delicate aroma, a fresh and rounded taste, and a lingering vegetal finish.


It has several health benefits, including lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, and reducing heat in the body.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint Tea, made with the base of Biluochun Green Tea and infused with refreshing peppermint leaves, adds a cool and invigorating touch to its delicate tea aroma.


It offers a refreshing taste that leaves a delightful sensation.


This special blend is a modification by our experts, and it is also perfect for cold brewing!

Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea, a traditional Green tea frequently enjoyed in Dim Sum restaurants. This premium-grade Jasmine Tea offers a perfect balance of the rich freshness of Green tea and the delicate aroma of jasmine flowers. Its smooth, gentle taste is highly cherished among the people of Hong Kong.

Lemongrass Green Tea

Infused with the refreshing aroma of lemon and the flavour of lemongrass.


Its cool and refreshing taste transports you to a sunny tropical paradise, leaving you feeling energized and refreshed.

Green Tea - Frequently Asked Questions

Are Green Tea nutritious?

What are the common types of Green tea?

Is the common belief about the health benefits of Green Tea are true?

What are the potential drawbacks of Green tea

When is the best time to drink Green tea?